This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Inner Completeness

An inward view provides completeness, an outward view provides so many distractions that your incompleteness is inevitable. An inward view is of the heart where there’s the space of no distractions…

Peace is provided with an inward view regardless of what goes on outside. This is difficult to comprehend because of the developed view that when we get this or that there will be at peace. There’s nothing wrong with getting what you want in life, but understand when one equates their accomplishment to their sense of well-being, the sense of well-being will not last. This isn’t only applied to accomplishing something, it applies to all of life. Even if you’re told you have a year to live, it still doesn’t have anything to do with what’s occurring right now. If you’re living by the outer conventional way of thinking you create stories, but if you can find a way to stay out of your head you’ll minimize the nonsense going on between you ears and all you will have to deal with is what’s actually occurring.

It makes no sense to live life from an outward view, but that’s where most people live. No matter what’s accomplished the moment it’s completed it’s over, only the memory engrained from the outward way of thinking makes you attach a story that it means something; it’s then used to define your identity and establish your sense of well-being. Our psyche plays havoc on our emotions and we listen to it because this is what’s been developed.

Think of it as whistling in the dark to keep the bogeyman away. The bogeyman doesn’t exist, but we whistle anyway and here is the irony of this, we are doing something to keep something away that doesn’t exist, think about the insanity of this. It’s the same with our so called accomplishments, we gauge our well-being on them, but we’re using them like whistling in the dark. Peace is inward as life is eternal, it’s of the heart. An inner view is the only place where our completeness exist. It doesn’t take any accomplishment for this to be, as a matter of fact when you can just be there’s completeness…

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