This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Attachment Stories

Attachment creates the story that a story is needed, but no story is truly needed and as long as one doesn’t want the present moment to be different attachment won’t be needed either…

Attachment to a view is where clarity becomes distorted and being open minded falls away; this is what blocks a true connection with life as it’s seen through a made up view. Even the view of peace has to be let go of for there to be this connection, this also holds true for the view that there’s a connection. A non attachment action would be like holding onto truth, anything held onto is attachment. Truth doesn’t need a label to be truth. It would be as if someone placed a hot coal in your hand, no one needs to tell you it’s hot to know it’s hot, you would just naturally let it go because you know if you don’t there will be consequences. This is what happens when there’s attachment to views, it’s not the view that causes a distortion, it’s the attachment.

A hot coal can be next to you all day, but this doesn’t cause you any issue unless you pick it up. When you form a belief that you have to pick it up there will be issues and consequences; to not pick up the coal doesn’t require a belief or a philosophy, all one has to do is stop their attachment. Religion, spirituality, sorrow, arrogance, peace, drugs, alcohol, sex, self serving desires, food, gambling, money, social status, and so on, none of these cause a distorted view in and of themselves, but once there is attachment to them issues arise as will unfavorable consequences.

Attachment is the main culprit when it comes to suffering and even if there are times when one experiences peace in their life, if there’s attachment to the feeling of peace it will be short lived. So watch the mind and how it wants to attach. It will create a story that stories are needed, but upon further investigation it will be seen that no story is needed and as long as this exact moment doesn’t need to be different, attachment won’t be needed either…

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