This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Exposing Truth

If you are to get to the truth of who you are, it’s going to take studying the Conditioned Mind and the willingness to sit so the process of peeling away the layers of your conditioning can begin…

Nothing will ever change as long one continues to blame others and looks outside themselves for their answers. If you can’t get beyond all the conditioning that’s in place, getting to the truth of existence which requires nothing but being in its space, will be just about impossible; this is only because the Conditioned Mind doesn’t allow it. Using the onion analogy substitute the onion with humans and the core is truth. Every onion has layers, but unless the onions layers are peeled, its core will never be exposed. It will always be there as it’s a natural part of every onion, but without actually peeling the onion the core will remain hidden. The natural process of an onion is to cover its core. Humans have evolved the same. The Conditioned Mind provides the layers that need to be peeled so the truth can be exposed: very few people ever get to truth.

Underneath all the conditioning is the truth of one’s existence, there’s no blame and there’s no looking for answers anywhere but within this space. When one’s conditioning is peeled away one layer at a time, truth gets more exposed and one’s true nature takes hold, but if there isn’t awareness of this truth will never be exposed because it can’t. It’s like a force field is around the truth and without awareness it seems as though it’s impenetrable. Take heed because it’s not impenetrable, it’s just going to take some studying of the Conditioned Mind and the willingness to begin the process of peeling away the so called onion of one’s conditioning, so one can get to the truth of who you truly are…

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