This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

A Captive Mind

A mind that’s not based in love can’t change itself with self help methods. Only through the quietness of the heart can one be set free from the attachment to a self that holds the mind in captivity…

A do it yourself self help mentality to a better life is like having a map for one state, but a trip to another state is being planned. The map has its purpose, but it usefulness is limited; if its not used correctly it will never get you to your destination. I’m not insinuating there isn’t value in the one state’s map, but the usefulness of it is limited, and it becomes useless if not traveling in that state. Do not many of the self help methods and programs produce these same useless results? We are constantly trying to arrange life thinking we can fix ourselves by trying to fill an inner void with all kinds of things from the outside, and regardless of the fix the void never gets filled. This is not some theory I made up, it‘s factual and this is what happened to me. Just look around and see how the world is full of people doing this same exact thing; if you are truly honest with yourself you are probably doing it yourself.

Think of this, the mind that creates the need for self help is the same mind that’s going to be used to fix it; this isn’t feasible. If this mind didn’t create problems to begin with, the need for self help wouldn’t be required. It’s like rotating a flat tire and putting the flat side on top and expecting it to be repaired. Something that’s broke cannot be used to repair itself. It would take a miracle for this to happen; if you want to rely on miracles so be it.

Another question is, have you ever done something and asked yourself why did you do it? Understand the mind that told you to do the thing is the same mind that is now questioning why it was done; this is the mind that self help relies on. There is no wonder we humans are in the state that we’re in. Humans have created the way the world is and the same humans are trying to fix it and get this, with the same mind that made the world the way it is. A mind that is broke cannot fix itself, if it could it wouldn’t have a need to be fixed to begin with…

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