This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Filling Space

Thousands of hours and dollars are spent on trying to fill a space that doesn’t need filling. The nature of the space is emptiness and it will always be there. Space is not your enemy; in its emptiness you are filled…

People spend thousands of dollars to go on vacation and at the time it seems to be a great idea. I’m not saying it isn’t because when you’re there everything seems perfect, but the first thing to understand is wherever you go there you are which could be scary, and second because of the Conditioned Mind, not only is the fantasy better than the reality, but before you know you are back home. This is not to say don’t go on vacation, but the stark reality is you can always be on vacation if your mind finds your space is filled. I’m talking from experience here because for forty nine years my life was exactly how I wanted it and yet I had to always reach for something to fill a space that wasn’t understood. This space equates to always needing to be on vacation (reaching for something), but I didn’t understand the part of wherever I go there I am. My own mind was an enemy not an ally and I had no idea this was occurring, so basically to my conditioned mind I always needed to be planning a vacation because life was never good enough in the moment I was in; regardless of how it was there was always space needing filling.

Here’s the real irony in this, I was trying to fill the space of emptiness that is still there today, but what I have come to understand is it doesn’t need filling, in this emptiness there’s fulfillment. This is the issue with most people, they’re trying to fill a space that doesn’t need filling because the nature of it is emptiness. That’s what space is, empty so regardless of what’s used to try to fill it, it never gets filled, it can’t because it doesn’t need filling. Today I understand space is not my enemy nor does it need filling and although there are times when I do go on vacation, it’s not because I’m trying to fill space it’s because I’m alive and emptiness allows it…

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