This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The Draw of “I”

The draw of “I” is what traps you to a suffering mindset and as long as this mindset is in place, there will be struggles in life because the “I” draw will always need to be fulfilled…

The “I” draw causes suffering, there’s no getting around this, but it’s not the “I” draw itself that’s the problems, it’s being controlled by it unconsciously that makes the draw a problem. To follow through on all your “I” draws isn’t useful, but this isn’t to say there’s anything wrong with this, it’s really about deciphering what’s useful and what actually causes harm to yourself and others. An example would be the “I” draw for sex. Sex is something that’s basically in our DNA, but to be controlled by the need to satisfy the draw becomes the focal point of existence, this is where issues arise from. Take sex and substitute it with something else, working out, being successful, thrill seeking, golf, social status, ambition, hoarding, enlightenment, spiritual seeking and so on and see how the draw holds you in captivity. As long as the “I” draw is unconsciously in control it will have to be followed, this bondage to the draw of “I” is the foundation of the Conditioned Mind.

Looking back I can see how the attachment to this is what allowed the draw to control me and why “I” was at the core of every issue in my life. Where the issues come from is how the draw is used to satisfy “I”. I‘m still drawn into “I” today, but for the most part it’s there to fulfill a higher calling than selfishness. The draw of “I”is the root of suffering and this is because the draw entraps you to the bondage of self; existence doesn’t produce much harmony in a draw of I mindset. Knowing this doesn’t make one free of “I” but it does lead you in a direction that is much more conducive to love which in turn lessens the draw. Life than becomes about what’s better for humanity as a whole instead of fulfilling the draw of an “I” mindset…

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