This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Unuseful Tools

There’s a pull that occurs in most lives that keeps one from investigating the unuseful tools in place. The issue with this is these unuseful tools are passed onto others so it’s as though the blind lead the blind…

If there are unuseful actions and reactions in the daily decision making process without investigating them, there will be many decisions made without knowing if they’re beneficial. When unuseful tools are passed on to others it equates to the blind leading the blind; very few people truly understand the Conditioned Mind. Without the discipline that provides some stillness, life becomes an unquestioned pull to use unuseful tools. To the Conditioned Mind there’s no need for questions because it has all the answers. Saying “I’m not there yet” is just crazy and it’s an unuseful block that hampers the ability to truly live. If you’re not there yet, wherever there is, nothing you do will get you there. What’s amazing is how people settle for an unuseful place just because someone else says it works. Using the saying “I’m not there yet” is just a way the Conditioned Mind remains in control.

It’s mind boggling how the unuseful remains in place without taking into consideration there might be another way to see things, and what’s mind boggling about this is how unuseful tools are held onto and keeps one in a self created prison that causes suffering. Life doesn’t cause suffering, the Conditioned Mind does and unless one is willing to sit and allow the mind to settle, the pull of the conditioning will remain in place and one will continue to use unuseful tools that cause suffering. Here’s the real issue with this, these unuseful tools are passed onto others and it’s as though the blind lead the blind…

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