This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Self-Serving Reactions

Unconscious reactions are repeated because of the association to self-serve. If there wasn’t a self-serving association, there wouldn’t be self-serving reactions…

To understand some of the reasons why you are controlled by things you need to understand the associated history there is with them and how these associations are intertwined with the need to satisfy our self. This is the cause of why reactions are the way they are. There’s usually a long history with them and the more this history there is, the more ingrained the reactions to self-serve. When this occurs there’s less space between each moment so reactions occur automatically; self-serving associations go back many years. You only have time to react because if what’s already there and most times what’s there is the association to satisfy self. These associations to self-serve are ingrained in our subconscious and don’t allow time for reactions that are more conducive to love.

Why tragic events are reacted to with more balance and love is because there isn’t a long association connected with the event so the history to self-serve isn’t there. When there are tragic events that occur, people usually rise to the occasion because without self-serving history the blocks to our heart are less and because our hearts are naturally of love without these blocks we rise to the occasion and naturally assist others as we react naturally out of love.

There’s a need to understand this if you are to know our own mind and the reasons why you do what you do and what can be done to stop doing them. With self-serving history in place the same reactions will keep repeating themselves as they always have because the only way that you can react to what occurs in the moment is with what’s in place. So either your history will be self-serving or of love and this will determine how you react to what occurs in each moment…

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