This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Observer or Responder

The silence of the observer is different than the noise of the responder. Don’t take anything personal by responding to it because the noise of the responder will only interrupt the silence of the observer…

You will be the observer or you will be the responder. They are so different as one allows what occurs to be seen without adding anything to it and the other is the noise of taking what happens personal. Something happened the other day that really allowed me to see this. I was in a store where the cashier did something that wasn’t cared for and there was a response; it was taken personal. It triggered something in me and there was a response to it as the self centered me; there was no love in this response. I accept this, first because I am human and am far from perfect and second because I saw the difference in being the responder as opposed to being the observer so it was a learning experience.

Many see this non loving behavior, but don’t understand why it occurs, and this is the reason it’s repeated. When you become aware of this, it’s where the focus must remain if the non loving behavior is to be eradicated from; awareness and the focus itself is what changes this non loving behavior. There’s nothing to do for it to change, it’s a mindfulness practice of just being aware of what arises in the moment. See the difference in taking the moment personal where you respond from I or are just the observer of what arises and are mindful of it. This mindfulness allows the moment to remain in the silence of itself instead of getting caught up in the story of the I response. In silence nothing needs to be added to the moment because you are just an observer of what arises. So don’t take what arises personal by responding to it because the noise of the responder will only interrupt the silence of the observer…

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