This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Heart Gratitude

Being grateful for life occurs naturally when there’s an understanding of what’s needed to live from a heart of love. Although love is natural it’s not automatic so cultivating love results in gratitude…

Gratitude naturally arises from a loving heart. It isn’t produced by attaching to anything from the materiel world. If gratitude was from the material world it would coincide with one’s possessions and that would make a person of wealth more grateful than one who didn’t have any. The true measure of a wealthy life has nothing to do with stuff, true wealth arises from a loving heart; that’s what measures wealth. You can only be grateful when you are content with life as it is, not with the way you wish it was or how it’s wanted and expected.

Wanting is never from our true self, it’s from the small self that thinks what’s wanted is needed to be complete. The true self never needs because it’s complete as it is. Needing arises from the I Self (ego), it creates lack which creates a made up need. When there’s completeness there no lack so there’s nothing needed. This lack creates wanting and is in direct relation to your so called problems in life.

Whenever you want, it means you think life needs to be in some other way, this creates suffering. Gratitude doesn’t mean you get everything you want, life must be accepted as it is if you are to experience peace of a grateful heart; investigate this for yourself. Gratitude will not shield you from problems, it will allow you to not create them. Be grateful for life as it is and you will live from a loving heart, and when life is lived from a loving heart there will be harmony with yourself and with all beings. When this occurs you can’t help but to have an attitude that’s full of gratitude, not because of what you possess, but because of the natural love that arises from your heart…

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