This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Coping Tools

We all develop tools that are used to cope with life. Either they will be tools that put you on a collision course with life or they will be tools that put you in harmony with it…

After much investigation I found out the reason why my life was the way it was prior to twelve years ago and why it’s no longer like this. It all has to do with the tools that were developed at a very young age to cope with life. These defense mechanisms that are used are our developed tools. Every reaction in life is the way it is because of the tools that are developed, and they automatically arise because of the Conditioned Mind when the conditions are right for a certain developed tool to be called for to come into play. If life is to ever change the developed tools to cope with it need to be changed.

If you’re not getting all that you can out of life only you can change it, but the change cannot occur with an old set of tools. You will have to find what tools are needed to allow the change. Once you decide what tools you will use, you can more forward to change your life. It’s not some God’s fault that you are the way you are so don’t expect praying to God to change it. Praying will instill quietness to a degree which will allow some change to occur, but it‘s the energy of stillness not God that allows for the change to occur; this is what I‘ve experienced. When you cooperate with life, life will be on your side, but you need to develop a set of tools so this can be done. Or if you like the life that you have and you think you are getting all that you can out of it, by all means keep your old tools and see what happens. If you discover one day you need to change the tools that are in place and do it, you will see the change in you by the way you become a benefit to all beings; not just the being looking back at you in the mirror. So either use your old tools or develop new ones, just remember it‘s your life and the tools you choose not only control the way you react to life, but they also put your life in your hands…

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