This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

True Joy is Within

True joy isn’t something that can be manufactured, it happens when the heart is pure and aligned with itself. When you stop trying to create joy, it is then that you will find joy…

It is truly amazing what’s used by people as a distraction to escape reality and it’s called having fun. It isn’t right or wrong to do this because there isn’t even the realization that this is being done; a person cannot not do what they have been conditioned to do. The more conditioned you are the more your conditioning decides what will and will not be used; unawareness cultivates unawareness.

What is called fun/joy is just behaving in a way that usually equates to satisfying some inner self-serving desire. Whether you’re at a bar, casino, shopping, searching the web on certain websites, or whatever it is that‘s used to satisfy your self, it’s called having fun. The problem with this is the creating never ends, what I mean is satisfying the self-serving desires never end. Use whatever you may, but it will never be enough.

The difference in true joy and creating joy by satisfying a self-serving desire is when something happens on its own it’s usually from being aligned with the Universe, this is what produces true joy. When you’re trying to manufacture your joy, it’s usually based in an action that is selfish and self-serving. True joy cannot be manufactured, it happens when the heart is pure and aligned with the Universe. You can try to manufacture it if you must, but when you stop trying and you become still, you will see that joy has always been in you, you have just been looking for it in the wrong place…

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