This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Allowing Freedom

Enlightenment doesn’t make you free, Enlightenment allows you to give everything its freedom. The more this is understood the less chance there will be to experience a state of discontentment…

This describes a typical day for me prior to twelve years ago, at some point I would become discontented, reach for something, be satisfied for a little while, become discontented, reach for something, be satisfied again, reach again; over and over this cycle was repeated and basically controlled the way I lived my life. The objects used mean little except for the fact the more destructive the thing used is, the more it affects life in a non beneficial way. This exact thing is going on today for millions of people. It’s the reason why I have such a passion to try and get the message of what happened to me to as many as people as possible, because it doesn’t have to be this way. Young, old, male, female, whatever your ethnic background, not many people aren’t affected by this cycle. This cycle is the puppet on the string cycle. The origin of the discontentment needs to be understood if this cycle is to be halted. And its origin is the self serving mind of “I” which keeps a person entrapped to this cycle.

Imagine this, for forty nine years my life was spent in this cycle, but it isn’t this way today. It doesn’t mean things are perfect, but just the fact that I am not the person who I use to be is so freeing; it’s so important to remain aware of this fact. I have no idea what others have gone through in their life. It matters little if what I see is what someone else sees. The important thing is to know that it was my own mind that created the cycle that kept me discontented for many many years, and it’s not enslaving me this way any longer. I have learned to not compare my life with anyone else. Whatever is seen is seen as what is seen is through the view the universe gives. What I’ve found as a valuable understanding to keep me from returning to my previous cycle is that Enlightenment doesn’t make me free. Enlightenment is me giving everything its freedom. The more this is lived by, the less chance there is to return to my previous state of discontentment…

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