This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Stillness Creativity

Since all of life arises from stillness, without it existence wouldn’t be. This is because stillness is needed to create and the essence of creation is stillness. Be still and allow life to create…

To express what is truly in the heart, it is imperative that the mind becomes very still because if it doesn’t it will be virtually impossible to get in touch with your Creative Energy. There is so much outer noise which keeps this from occurring that without a disco you will continue to be ruled by noise. Whether you believe this or not doesn’t stop it from happening.

Everyone has the ability to do things that aren’t really known by looking at what’s beneath the surface. As long as our Conditioned Mind is in control we remain lost and blind. When you live by noise, it’s the noise that controls you. I can tell you this as a fact because prior to twelve years ago I was not a writer, there was no aspiration to write, let alone to help people. It’s truly amazing when the mind becomes still what you will find out about yourself and your deeply hidden abilities. Don’t doubt for an instant that they aren’t there, there’s just too much noise to notice them. The discipline of stillness is the discipline of freedom and the freedom is from the noise that blocks your Creative Energy from surfacing and fulfilling your artistic potential. Noise produces noise not creativity. Stillness is where all creativity arises from. Each of my articles is a result of the stillness within. The Universe is the artist, the creator, I am but the tool that does the writing; it seems the quieter my mind becomes the more creativity arises. The Universe is for us, how can it not be, it’s where our very existence originates from, but this will only be known when the mind is still because it’s in stillness that all things arise, whether you believe this or not…

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