This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

A Segmented Self

Life is one continuous occurrence, it’s broken up into segments because of the attachment to self. Without attachment life still occurs, it just wouldn’t be segmented by your self…

The real cause of any issues you have with what happens in life is not in what actually happens, but how we attach a self to make it a segmented event. As long as you exist in your current form every moment of every day is a life occurrence, what makes it become segmented is how it’s labeled and attached to by a self. The transformation from an occurrence to an segmented event happens instantly because of who is it that’s doing the labeling. If your attached self didn’t label life it would still occur, it just wouldn’t be segmented. It would be one occurrence without a self attaching to it and giving it the transforming energy it needs to go from being an occurrence to a segmented event.

Life occurs regardless of an attached self, what the attachment does is make a segmented event by isolating it and making it personal. Life is neutral until it’s attached to, it then becomes an event that is all about the self. Without a segmented self life just occurs. All I am saying is the attachment to self is at the root of all issues and if you want to be free of issues, you will have to be free of self.

You will have to investigate how this is done, it can’t be done for you. Just understand until you know your self and how it’s at the root of making occurrences events, there will never be the freedom of self and you will always have issues because life will always be broken up into segmented events. Life occurs even when an individual existence ends. It’s when you attach labels which are derived from self that you have issues with a life that occurs regardless if you exist or not. Life isn’t partial to individual existence, only the attachment to self is. Every isolated event only happens because of our attachment to self, without it life simply occurs, it’s just not segmented…

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