This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Created Nonsense

Your mind creates your nonsense because it has been conditioned to think it’s needed for you to be at peace, but the created nonsense is the precise reason you are not at peace…

What nonsense are you going to create today and associate it with you. You are the creator of it and it can be any nonsense that you want; it’s all created by you. Just understand this one valuable truth, if you don’t create nonsense, you will not shrivel up and disappear, you will just be at peace. Lets say someone brings in cake to work. from there the nonsense you create about cake is nothing more than that, nonsense. Maybe you create nonsense that you love cake and especially chocolate cake. Well after all is said and done, if you don’t create nonsense about cake, it will still exist, it just wont have any control over you because there isn’t created nonsense attached to it.

Eat cake, don’t eat cake, the point of this example is to show how the created nonsense becomes the created attachment. Substitute anything you want with cake, it’s all the same. Created nonsense creates attachment, which in turn creates suffering. When you first wake up, it is then that the nonsense begins, but only because you don’t know how not to create it.

Nonsense is the essence of a Conditioned Mind, whether you believe this or not. Although this isn’t something to believe, it is something to become aware of so you can stop creating your nonsense. Here is the real irony, all of the created nonsense are lies that we tell ourselves so life is better suited to the way we think it should be. They are the delusions of life and we alone create them. We are always the main subject in our nonsense. In one way or another they are about us, but when the nonsense stops you will notice the doorway to your freedom and it has no lock on it. The only lock to your self created prison is your nonsense; it’s your own mind that tells you to create it. This nonsense created by your own mind creates your whole world and it is your nonsense that keeps you in bondage to this delusional world. If you think this isn’t so that’s just more nonsense because if you stop creating your nonsense you will not shrivel up and disappear; no all you will do without created nonsense is be at peace. The reason you are creating nonsense to begin with is to be at peace, but you already are at peace, you just don’t know it because of all the nonsense…

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