This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Presented Opportunities

Your center of being is in your heart and what’s in your heart is determined by how life’s presented opportunities are used to either fulfill self satisfying desires or being an instrument of goodness…

When an opportunity presents itself to help a person to possibly reduce some of the suffering that a Conditioned Mind produces, there is an obligation to be a benefit to that person, but it’s that person that has to take advantage in what’s presented if something is to awaken within them. If nothing happens nothing is lost, but what if something clicks and their view of life changes; their gain is the worlds gain.

Understand though you can not give away what you haven’t got, so get it and give it so this world becomes a better place. As long as people are kept in the dark, darkness rules, but with awareness you can be a light. There is no greater reward then to be an instrument for goodness, a light in a world that has the shades drawn. Those shades are what keeps people in their ignorance (darkness). To watch a person change right before your eyes is amazing. I talked to a Doctor the other day talked for twenty minutes, the important thing is she was inquisitive with what has transpired in my life and I could see it in her eyes, that what we talked about made her think. She may or may not pursue looking at what happens in life as presented opportunities, but regardless the seed was planted. Whether it’s cultivated to grow will be determined by what is within her. I did my part, and just maybe a little light was shed and the shade of ignorance was lifted just enough to allow a little light in. To be a seed planter of goodness is so rewarding, but you can only give it if it’s in your heart and you will only be in your heart when life becomes your teacher and you see the opportunities to let go of “I” as life presents them…

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