This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Two Standards One Decision

Everyday upon awakening a decision is made to begin your day between a standard that serves one or serves many, when this is understood you will see the standard to serve many is the only choice…

There are two standards that a person can choose to live by. One is to live life through a self serving standard. This choice doesn’t need much explanation because anything that is done through this type of standard is a benefit only to one person and that is to the person who is self serving. The other way to live is through a standard that serves many. This one is a little more complex because it involves many more people and the affect is so much more wide spread.

The self serving standard only has one purpose and that is to satisfy self. It’s pretty clear how this works. Whatever is used in this standard is done to benefit yourself. There isn’t much unity or love in this. Not many people are under the spell of a self serving standard all the time, there’s usually fluctuations between the two, but they cannot occur at the same time so it’s either one or the other. The more the mind is conditioned to self serve, the more time one will spend thinking about themselves. This is a very selfish way to live, but it’s how so many of us have been conditioned to live. To break this spell this has to be understood. If it isn’t, you will remain under the spell of the self serving standard.

Let’s look at the standard that serves many; this encompasses all of humanity. It touches the entire Universe because that’s its source energy. This standard isn’t self created or sustained by doing, it’s a direct result of being aligned with stillness; this stillness is the Universe, it’s why there’s unity and joy when this is our standard. It has to be this way because life is derived from stillness; it sustains itself. It serves many and is a benefit to all. These are your choices and the one that you select becomes your life standard and what you will bring to all humanity. Simply put, serve yourself and you serve one or serve many and all humanity will be served…

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