This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The more something is reached for to fill some delusional lack, the less that lack is filled and the more something will be needed to try and fill your delusional lack…

A person will never be free of attachment to self if a discipline isn’t developed to see the reason behind why anything is reached for to begin with. There’s a delusional lack that is the cause and if it isn’t identified there will always be delusional reaching. What I have learned is although some try to address breaking their attachments, most of the time they don’t really break it, something else is put in its place, they substitute. This is a major issue in our society and this is why people don’t truly break the hold from attachment, regardless of what is used. They may not use a certain thing anymore, but they are far from free.

Attachment is attachment and until the reaching itself and not the thing used is addressed the only thing that will change is the thing used. I know this from experience, this isn’t psychological babble, it’s the way it is. It happened to me and I see it happening all around me, people don’t just use things like alcohol or drugs, but nicotine, food, sex, meetings, self created purposes, work, social status, education, caffeine, ad infinitum on whatever it is that has a hold of you, is justified as okay to use, but all that’s been done is substituting one thing for another. Granted a lot of times the other things being used may have a less devastating affect, but it’s substitution just the same. This occurs because the true nature of the reaching isn’t understood. It has nothing to do with what’s used, it has everything to do with why there is reaching to begin with. When the need to reach for anything isn’t there you will understand it’s because you are complete just as you are and your delusional lack is no more…

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