This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Utilizing the Present

The present when utilized stops the incessant merry-go-round mind from controlling how your life is going to be lived and unlocks a quietness that’s at the base of all your decisions…

There are different ways the merry-go-round mind can be stopped, it will take some trial and error to find what works best for you. To me being present is the opening of the heart to quietness. The present is one of the main things to use to stop the mind in its tracks. It can be utilized as something to minimize the damage inflicted by the Conditioned Mind. If nothing is used to stop the merry-go-round mind, there will be no way to get off the ride. This is how the Conditioned Mind remains in control because nothing is developed to keep it in check. An unchecked undisciplined mind is the creator of chaos and it’s at the core of humanity’s disfunction.

The way you go about developing the discipline to stop the mind from running amok is through remaining present as much as possible; it doesn’t have to be anything formal. The point is to remain present anyway you can to stop the incessant self serving mind from controlling your life so space can be created between your thoughts. In this space of quiet is the ability to live life happy, joyous, and free. The merry-go-round needs to be stopped if you are to become your true self and live this kind of life.

I use sayings, sometimes the breath or just the silence beneath the noise. Whatever is used it has to be understood that it’s being done to create space between your thoughts. This is of the utmost importance if discipline is to assist in breaking the chains of the Conditioned Mind. You can only get off the merry-go-round when it stops and you can only stop it when you develop the ability to shut it down, and what will allow you the ability to do this is to be present. The merry-go-round will never stop on its own and you will never be able to create the space needed between your thoughts until you understand how to get off the ride and allow love to be in control of your life instead of being on the merry-go-round of life; just existing and going in circles…

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