This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Love: A True Criteria

Love is the true criteria of a successful life; love is life’s essence. Our adversities are between our heart and our head, but when the light of love shines through our heart, our adversities are no more…

It seems our greatest lessons come from our darkest times, but it’s only dark because that’s what is seen. There’s always a light shining, but it’s your view that’s of darkness. It’s not that adversity is needed to learn some of life’s most valuable lesson, but because of the way we’re conditioned, it causes adversity; the adversity is ours not life’s. There is no adversity in life, there is only adversity in people and it’s caused because of our developed view of life; when the view isn’t one based in love adversity has to follow.

I would say we’re a backward society because of what is used as the criteria if a person is considered successful. There’s only one true criteria to lead a successful life and that is to love. Do you think Jesus or the Buddha were concerned with their finances or their social status when they were walking the earth? So much time and energy is wasted on a self serving criteria and until this is realized and it becomes different there will always be adversity in your life. Love and live in the light adversity free or remain with a self serving criteria as the base of existence and stay in the darkness. The essence of life itself is love and your heart always wants to live in the light of this love, but your head has been conditioned to live in the darkness of a self serving criteria so there’s always adversity. When you can break the chains of this conditioned darkness, there will be nothing but light in your life and it’s then that you will understand what it means to be truly successful in life, not by a criteria created by society, but by a criteria of the light of love in your heart that’s shining through…

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