This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Self Serving Rules

When life is lived with a set of self serving rules, there is nothing you can do except point the finger at others, and you will never go beyond these self serving rules until you look within and stop your pointing…

Living by a set of self serving rules is really what I have come to understand as humanity’s demise. As you know I post many writings and they are judged by people, but who tells people they have to read them. I write what I write and I know when I put my writings out there they will be open for criticism, but it’s only a self serving mind that does this. If they resonate with an individual it’s from within themselves that it does and if it doesn’t than what is written is simply not for you. To say things that aren’t from the base of love about the writings is so selfishly self centered because maybe they are helping someone else. Why does life always have to be about you and what you think is right or wrong? It’s your right to have your self serving opinion, but if they don’t have a direct affect on you and even if they do, they should be kept to your self serving self. It’s never a right to judge others or state an opinion not from love; never. The only right you truly have is to love and this is not an opinion. If you don’t love then you should learn to be silent and mind your own business. The self serving mind is a very subtle parasite, it’s destroying our society and in the process our planet. I know this is strong language, but something is serious wrong with the self serving set of rules that far to many people justify and live their life by.

So much of what we judge is from this self serving set of rules. Our world will never change as long as people think they have a right to opinions on what others do. Too many people state “it is my right” but is it a right to behave in a manner that doesn’t spread love or is it a right to judge others when we ourselves are imperfect? You should learn to look in the mirror and mind your own business, but because there are a set of self serving rules in place, this isn’t allowed to occur. If you’re not looking at yourself and being responsible for your own behavior, there is nowhere else to look except on the outside of yourself and then the finger has to be pointed at others for why life isn’t the way you think it should be. You wouldn’t have opinions on what others do if your own house was in order so to look at yourself keeps you from looking at pointing at others. Now wouldn’t that be a different set of rules to live your life by…

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