This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Past influences have so much control over the present and until this is understood and let go of, the past will continue to keep you in a state of an agitated existence…

Understanding living life as it is as opposed to a life you think you should have is the difference in being at peace or living in a state of an agitated existence. When you’re with what is here you’re with reality, not a mind made reality, but the reality of what simply is. When you’re not in the reality of what is you’re in a delusional state of what isn’t, which makes for very little if any true peace in your life.

Life is always as it is right now and that would mean being with reading this post. There is nothing else truly going on right now beyond that. There may be something going on between your ears, but it’s not happening right now so it’s s not the true reality of now. Your mind has been conditioned to think you have to create a life that you think is better than what’s occurring right now, that’s what keeps you from being with the life as it is.

To me all that matters is having found a something real to break free of the grip of those past influences. Bondage is bondage and the more you continue to be controlled by past influences and stay locked into the control of your Conditioned Mind, the deeper the bondage of not being with life as it is. Until you learn to let go of the control the past influences have over you it will be impossible to be free because you’ll remain under the spell of the Conditioned Mind…

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  1. susies1955 said:

    So so so very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

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