This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Conflict Within

All conflicts arise from within yourself. They’re derived from internal mind agitations. Without discipline the mind will never settle nor will the agitation of needing to reach for something externally…

The world is in a state of conflict, but not with each other as you may think, it’s with ourselves. The lack of understanding of your own mind is the cause of your inner agitations; most people haven’t a clue this is the cause of all conflicts. We lash out at people, have road rage, try to change people, constantly seek to alter the way that we feel because we were never taught how to just be with life as it is and accept who we are as we are. There would never be a need to have anything or anyone different if you had the ability to just be with life. If you don’t have contentment with the way things are, what makes me think that if things were different there would be contentment; you would still have mind agitations that make you reach for things externally.

External reaching because you want to alter the way that you feel will never amount to true satisfaction, no matter what or who is blamed for the way that you feel. I was always agitated and because there wasn’t an understanding of the Conditioned Mind, the agitation wasn’t understood. It didn’t matter what happened, even if I was told I had six months to live what would it matter, it’s not like I know when I’m going to die anyway, but by not having the ability to just be, the mind becomes agitated and conflicts arise.

Nothing causes discontentment unless it’s allowed. If something bothers you and it can be changed by all means change it, but if it’s being changed because of an inner conflict it needs to be looked at why there’s the conflict to begin with. Even if the thing is changed, without an understanding of your own mind you will just move on to the next thing which will cause you to become agitated and conflicted once again…

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