This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Solutions of Love

The more you have to do to make your life complete the less free flowing your life will be, and this free flowing energy is contingent on having love as the base of your solutions…

There are choices that are constantly made which determine your life’s direction, and the key to those choices will be in how ingrained the self serving mind is at the base of your solutions. The more ingrained the base, whether of love or self serving, the more it determines the solutions used to cope with life. The more the solutions are of the self serving nature which is usually associated with seeking pleasure, the more you have to reach to feel a connection to life, but when it is learned to have solutions that are based in love, life becomes more free flowing, there is less reaching and more peace.

Even if your hearts desire is to save the world it can still be a self serving solution. This can be gauged by the ease in which life flows because there is never any tension in what is being done if it’s being done from a solution based in love. There is never a struggle when life is based in love. It doesn’t mean every solution works out as wanted, but the struggle isn’t there. When there is a true connection with life it’s generally free flowing because love is free flowing. If you are bound up by your solutions they’re more than likely solution based to self serve.

To overcome solutions based in a self serving mind the conditioning that makes this so must be recognized. Once recognized it will be overcome by allowing love to become the free flowing base of your life. Since love is never binding it will be the gauge to determine whether the solutions being used are of love or of a self serving variety. It will be the level of honesty with yourself whether you see your life as free flowing or not. Only you can change the direction of your solutions…

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