This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

All Is Well

When a person awakens it doesn’t make them perfect, but what it does do is it gives them an awareness of being imperfect and when one is aware of that and accepts it, all is well…

The are many twist and turns in life. It’s not something that can be figured out. What a strange phenomenon it is, but I wouldn’t change anything about it, mostly because I can’t, but even with all the unconscious suffering that went on for years, all is well. The best thing about my life is all the love I’ve been exposed to. To me in the end it’s the only thing that really matters. At the age of twenty eight I stopped using alcohol and drugs as a coping mechanism, four years later I got married which was over twenty eight years ago. Although that in itself is amazing, at the age of thirty two my father saw a son who caused him years of angst finally stop being a burden to him and to my mom. My Mom died a year and a half ago, my dad died some months after my wedding; my parents seeing me begin to grow up is something I cherish to this day.

The part the gets me the most about being unconscious is the people it affects without any knowledge that it’s happening. From the friends I had growing up, my parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, strangers, and just about anyone else who I had contact with, being unconscious caused much harm. It’s why today my direction is to simply not hurt anyone. I still do because of the conditioning in place, however there is much more space between those unconscious actions than ever before. The unloving energy at the core of being unconscious has lessened immensely. This unloving energy is what makes a person unconscious, and just because you may want to be loving it doesn’t mean you will be, especially if the conditioning in place is unloving. An awakening doesn’t make you perfect. What does happen is it gives you an awareness of being imperfect and when you’re aware of that and accept it, all is well…

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  1. Oh Michael, this is Beautiful!

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