This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

No True Difference

The thought of being different from others isn’t a true difference, it’s only a thought. When the thought arises if it isn’t attached to, there’s no difference as there’s a connection with all of life…

Because of the Conditioned Mind when someone is from another part of the world and they look different outwardly they’re seen as being different, but the only difference is the made up story. There is no true difference and when one understands that the nature of all differences is only from the way one is conditioned, it ceases to exist. At the core of this understanding is a oneness within and thus a oneness with everything. This includes insects, animals, fish, plants, and humans, in essence the entire Universe, but don’t miss interpret this, it’s not a concept or theory. It can only be truly sensed when the mind is very still and only in the context of your mind being absent of any thought about differences.

There has to be a oneness within oneself before there can be oneness with anyone else. If this doesn’t occur it’s because you are consumed by the thought realm and the thought realm is controlled by the Conditioned Mind. Please don’t take this lightly, it’s the reason, greed, hate, and delusion are the default setting of so many minds. If there isn’t quietness, there’s noise and if there’s noise it’s derived from your own conditioning. Sit with this and notice when differences arise and what’s at its core. Let it pass without labeling it, just watch it’s core and don’t attach to it. Remember the thought of being different isn’t a true difference, it’s only a thought and when it arises as it will, if there isn’t attachment to the thought it will be impossible for there to be differences as there is only one race; the human one…

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