This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Inner Vision of Splendor

It’s the worldly view of satisfying your self (”I”) that keeps you from a vision of seeing your own splendor, and this vision will only be revealed when you begin to look within…

No one is more special than another in this existence, but there are those for whatever reason who do see things quite differently. I wouldn’t label anyone as chosen, but I would say some are more inclined to not attach to the worldly view of “I” which allows for a vision other than if you are in the grip of a mind based worldly view. I have lived two existences, one which was based in energy where there was much self created suffering and the other which is the one I’m living now, which is a vision of looking inward that has allowed my own splendor to be revealed. The only real differences in these two views is one created suffering and was done in blind ignorance and the other, the one today is lived in awareness of the ignorance (no longer blind). Today my view is as it is because the worldly distractions don’t control me as they once did, obviously I’m still in the world because I’m writing this, but its control has lessened.

The vision of my own splendor opened as a by product of awareness and as the worldly view is let go of, it allows space for wisdom and insights to arise. This opening is directly linked to the letting go of “I”, it’s the “I” that attaches and causes all suffering. Ever so slowing when you begin to look inward the distractions of the world lose their control. To me this is what was revealed to the great mystic’s, they weren’t special, all they did was look inward and discovered their own splendor. This ability to look inward is available to all, but the worldly view of”I” will have to be overcome. It’s the worldly view that keeps you from the vision of seeing your own splendor which will only be revealed when you truly begin to look within…

Comments on: "Inner Vision of Splendor" (1)

  1. Dee Marlowe said:

    Its THIS that has brought so many successes on this very subject, of
    looking within, deeply. So many ‘things’
    have been let go of .. a peacefulness
    has presented itself now.
    Always always grateful dear .. for
    all your pointings! 😌💖

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