This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Phenomenon of Memory

Understanding the phenomenon of memory and how it constantly uses pleasure is very important in breaking the chains of bondage; it’s the attachment to “I” that makes one only remember what’s pleasurable…

The phenomenon of memory and constantly using it to bring things of pleasure into the present is simply that, a phenomenon. Although this happens without it being realized, when it is realized it changes everything. Memory of how things truly are gets distorted in a way because they are seen through the conditioning that’s in place. This conditioning mostly manifest in constantly seeking pleasure. Think of this, when someone dies nobody says the person was an SOB. What’s usually said borders on making the individual a saint and that’s even if when the person was alive they were an SOB. This is the memory phenomenon that’s in place and until it’s realized, your life is spent constantly pulling in pleasurable memories. The mind doesn’t like unpleasant memories so it uses pleasurable ones, regardless if they really happened or not. This is also part of the survival instinct engrained in us. Even those who remember painful events, they’re still used to find pleasure, even if it’s to just push them away, hence this is why one reaches outside themselves for comfort.

Nobody reaches for anything for any other reason except to provide themselves comfort, but in this comfort seeking is so much unconscious suffering; comfort and pleasure go hand in hand. Understanding the phenomenon of memory is very important in breaking the chains of bondage because it’s the attachment to “I” that makes you only remember what’s pleasurable; even to the point of its own destruction “I” seeks pleasure. Just look in any rehab or detox, every drug or drink of alcohol that’s ever taken has the lure of pleasure associated with it or it wouldn’t have been reached for. This isn’t limited to just those substances, this goes for anything that’s reached for. The mind defaults to what’s familiar as it uses the memory of pleasure as its lure and until this is realized you will continue to pull in the memory of pleasure, even if it didn’t happen the way you remember it did…

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