This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Emotions of “I”

Emotions aren’t created and can’t rule you if “I” isn’t the focus. This concept of “I” is the operating system behind emotions so when “I” isn’t reacting to the outside circumstances of life, there is peace…

Emotions are something that most people don’t give much thought to. The experts will say they’re needed, but if I followed the text book nonsense of the experts I would be dead. The turning point in learning about emotions was seeing how although they may manifest in different ways, they all arise from the core of “I”. What was revealed to me is that there’s a created “I” that gets tied into our emotions in many ways. The concept of this sense of “I” is the operating system behind our emotions. These emotions are tied into how we see ourselves. For instance guilt arises when something is done that “I” considers bad or wrong. Anger arises when “I” is hurt in some way. Fear arises when “I” is threatened. Sadness arises when “I” is disappointed, and on an on. All these emotions arise because of very different circumstances, but this is as far as most people get when it comes to understanding emotions.

The way I investigated emotions is not in how they were different, but what they all had in common, this was where my focus centered. What this led me to see was there’s one common source of every emotion and that source is the concept of “I”. Emotions can’t rule you if an “I” isn’t created. Please investigate this for yourself, don’t listen to anyone and their view, develop your own. I said earlier that my emotions would have killed me because there was a tendency when reacting to things emotionally to use things that were self destructive. It’s not this way today because I’ve learned somewhat (nobody’s perfect) not to attach to an “I” that gives my emotions life. When there’s not this “I” reacting to the outside circumstances of life, there’s much more balance to remain at peace and not act in ways that is self sabotaging.

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