This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Peace: Perfect or Not

There can be as much peace when life is considered perfect as there is when it is not, the key is simply seeing whatever is there and accepting it as it is. When this is understood from the heart, you will be at peace.

The circumstances of your life only affect you as you allow them to. Nothing inherently makes a person happy, sad, or angry, those come from attaching a conditioned label to whatever it is that occurs. A wedding is considered a happy event, but a funeral is considered sad, it’s only the label that makes it so. What occurs regardless of what it is will last until the label is dropped and that’s it. On its own nothing truly has energy so life is mostly much todo about nothing, that is until the attached label is applied, and depending on where the mind is that’s what determines the label. For me life is the same as it always was, but I now have much more beneficial labels when needed, but mostly not too many are needed; that’s where I’ve discovered peace that was always there, minus the label.

The mind has been conditioned to conform to and label whatever is there. It’s designed to form a mental fabrication of what happens, it then stores it to be used as needed. All labels are applied this way, but at the core of this is one’s attachment to “I”. Without this attachment no label would be applied and one would just be with what was occurring. Weddings are supposedly joyful events and funerals are deemed sorrowful. The main point is, labels and mental fabrications aren’t really needed for these happenings to take place, but why this is an issue is because when these mental fabrications and labels are formed, it takes you from the only place that exist and that’s the present moment. When you don’t have a head and feet connection the mental fabrications of the past and future are in control and this doesn’t allow you to see there’s just as much peace when things are considered perfect as when they are not.

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