This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Form Concepts

When one can only see and attach to form therein lies the root to all suffering. It’s in letting go of form concepts that you will see there are many parts to the whole, this reveals just how empty all things are.

When we stay attached to form as existence, life becomes conceptual and although we do experience life, it is why it’s seen differently by everyone except those who don’t see life through a conceptual idea; this state is of emptiness which needs no concept as existence still is. Everything is a part of the whole so nothing is truly what a concept makes it out to be. When you look at a tree and apply the concept “tree” the parts, the trunk, limbs, branches, and leaves separate it and the true nature of the tree is lost. If you can see this with the tree, you can see it with everything, including yourself. Without a concept of you where is the you, most don’t even think about the parts on the inside.

There is much freedom in seeing this because it allows for the emptiness of all things to be revealed, and when you see there’s nothing to hold onto no matter what, you are free. You give a form that keeps track of time a concept and call it a watch. There are so many parts to it, which part is truly the watch. Concepts will keep you in ignorance because they will block out seeing the true nature of emptiness in all things. With concepts you can only see and attach to form and therein lies the root to all suffering. It’s in letting go of the concepts of form that you will see there are just parts and this reveals the emptiness of it all.

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  1. Yes …all true and we can read and read and read about conceptual reality not being ultimate reality but for most people unless they have a practice to access this ….and a discipline in which to very very very diligently apply the practice again and again and again, the cravings for this or that will take hold ……so a method is required by the vast majority of people, support and a suitable environment in which to become established in something which runs counter to mainstream society and our own well established patterns of conceptual thought ….otherwise the reading and agreeing that this is so just becomes an intellectual exercise …….one which can lead to a frustration ….knowing this is so but not accessing the truth……


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