This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Flowing Mind Expansion

Depending on how attached to “I” you are determines how restricted your minds expansion will be. The flowing mind is a mind that keeps on expanding to reveal the true nature of its own existence…

Think of the minds expansion in relation to water flowing, the only thing that stops the flow is when there’s a block of some kind. It can be likened to a value that’s closed; in this case that value is “I”. The mind is in a constant state of expansion (flowing) as long as its value remains open, but once “I” takes over the value begins to close, and depending on how attached to “I” you are determines how closed the value is and how restricted your flow and expansion are. For some there’s barely a trickle of flow, for others the value “I” fluctuates between open and closed, and for a some who have awareness of this the value remains open most of the time and their expansion is continuous.

The opposite of this holds true for the collective (society’s) expansion. Think of society as a large apartment building with many faucets (restrictions). In this case the more faucets that are opened at the same time the less flow there will be. The key here is understanding the differences in the individual flow and the collective flow. The main thing to be aware of is where the restriction of flow comes from. They’re always from the attachment of “I” it’s just that it’s very deceiving because the restriction of flow can be different; that’s just the nature of the Conditioned Mind as the lie of “I” has many tools to deceive. Attachment does nothing but restrict so when there’s awareness of this the minds restrictions lessen and the flow and expansion continues on its natural course to reveal the true nature of its own existence…

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