This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Dissolving Conditioning

You will receive many benefits if your mind settles down in quietness. This settling though will not just happen, it will take a degree of discipline and concentration for the conditioned patterns to dissolve…

Lately I’ve been writing about conditioned thinking, mind created distractions, and becoming aware of the different tools the Conditioned Mind has developed. Let’s just say by some miracle your conditioned thinking and distractions dissolve, what are the benefits to not being controlled by them? The first thing, there would be less discontentment in your life as the habitual patterns that cause this will begin to lessen. This automatically allows life to become more peaceful, but this is only the beginning. There are many more benefits that are sure to manifest if you honestly investigate your life. If this is done you will discover a large amount of truth about yourself that wasn’t previously known with the possibility of continually enhancing your life.

You’ll understand you’re on the road to a way of life you never thought possible. You’ll stop being controlled by your past, but not by ignoring it; you’ll use it for reflection purposes only and to help others. This new freedom will be everlasting because it will be from within and not from an “I” based mind pattern telling you to look for your answers outside yourself. You’ll be in unity with all beings by knowing we’re all part of the same Creative Intelligence regardless of the label. You’ll understand the conditioning of others and have a deep compassion for them because you’ll understand the suffering the Conditioned Mind causes. The self-centeredness that caused so much harm to you and to others will be replaced by Universal Love and you’ll want this to be the default setting of your mind because you’ll know it’s the only way you will ever be free. Instead of striving to become, you will be guided by the Creative Intelligence of the Universe and you will be in harmony with all of life. You’ll realize you are complete just as you are and nothing added can make you more complete. You’ll come to know how you limit yourself through your own conditioning and you’ll learn how not to be controlled by those limitations. You’ll see when the mind becomes agitated due to some self created lack, and how it’s your “I” doing this creating and you’ll be able to do what’s necessary to transform this energy from lack to love.

These are just some of the benefits you will reap if you are serious about changing your view of life and you honestly want to go beyond the limitations of the view created by the Conditioned Mind. Mind you the alternative is to ignore the truth of what I write about and continue living life the way you have been conditioned and not change. The choice to have a different view has to be made every day as how you live is directly related to this choice, and regardless if there’s awareness of this or not this is entirely up to you…

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