This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Aware of the Moment

The more one is simply aware of the moment, the less reaction there will be to that moment. This doesn’t mean every moment will be as wanted, but what does happen is what arises doesn’t trigger a blind reaction.

Life will occur whether you are aware of what arises in the moment or not. What awareness affords a person is the possibility of not being controlled by what arises and thus reacting in a more beneficial way. What arise arises, there’s not much that can be done in that regard, but how you react is something that can be controlled, but only if you are aware of the moment. Next time you get and itch don’t blindly scratch it, just watch what happens. This is a simple discipline that can be used for being more aware of the moment. It’s not easy to not give in to the desire to scratch as soon as an itch arises, but if something isn’t done to develop discipline, you will probably never be aware of what arises in the moment; hence your puppet strings will never be cut. Years ago my reactions were in total control. I wouldn’t have allowed anyone to do half of the things I did to myself, but I didn’t know any better. Without the awareness of what arises in the moment the reactions would be adhered to as the conditioned mind puppeteer dictates.

As long as you are alive life will be life and what arises arises, but with awareness of the moment the distracted reactions aren’t as prevalent, this has opened up so many more possibilities in my life, and what’s truly beautiful about is the self sabotage reactions are becoming less and less (no need to scratch). Being aware of the way one reacts to what happens is where life arises from. When one is stuck in an unaware view, you are limited only to that view. The more you’re aware of the moment, the less distracted you are by your puppet on a string reactions. Like I said this doesn’t mean everything will be perfect or go the way you think it should be, but the imperfections (only because you are labeling the arisen moment as so) won’t distract you from cutting your conditioned mind puppet strings.

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