This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Opinionated Desires

Life is not a made up perfection where it has to be the way one thinks it should be. Whatever arises has to be accepted exactly as it is with seeing its perfection regardless of how much it’s desired to be different.

Being human means desires will arise. Unless this is accepted exactly as it is without needing life to be a certain way so you can get a better seat in heaven or move up on the angelic chain of command, life will seem to always have some kind of struggle associated with it. One of the common traits I notice when I talk to people about the Conditioned Mind is not truly accepting the moment exactly as it is, with a self imposed label of imperfect being applied . There are so many conditioned desires engrained in each of us and if they’re not accepted as they arise, one will live a struggled existence, needing those desires to be fulfilled.

Accept each moments desires and just watch as they arise. This isn’t a right or wrong thing, it’s just part of being human and it has to be accepted if there’s to be peace in one’s life. There’s opinionated energy all around and it will cause much suffering as there will be desires to be played out fulfilling them. This desiring usually manifest as individual energy, but at times it’s both individual and collective energy, and if results of something aren’t accepted as they are, it’s because one’s opinionated desires are in control and wants different results. Anything that happens has to be accepted as it is if there is to be any semblance of contentment. This is made more difficult because as things occur and because one is human, an opinionated label is applied to what arises as being unpleasant. This makes one desire whatever arises to be different and as long as one’s energy doesn’t accept this as part of their humanness, peace and contentment will never be had.

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