This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Delusional Stories

Understanding delusion is one of the attributes of waking up, but it’s not the delusions of the world that entrap you, it’s the delusions that run your life that hold you in bondage…

A delusion is a story that runs your life. They manifest as one attaches to their thoughts. The first thought that arises about something is inconsequential, it’s the attachment to the second thought that forms the delusion. To understand delusion there must be awareness of their attachments and the way your mind works; without this the puppet on string patterns remain in place. Certain practices turns one inward to see this so if what you are doing doesn’t turn you inward, you will remain entrapped to your delusions of the Conditioned Mind. This is why nothing from the outside truly changes a person because anything from the outside is part of the delusion. A broken mind can’t fix itself and as long as it’s reaching for something on the outside, it remains trying to fix itself and thus it remains broken. Until this truth is seen, things will stay as they are because nothing is being done to change it.

We can only know what’s being done on the surface if there’s awareness of it. What this means is one has to develop mindfulness of what they are doing as they are doing it so there’s awareness of what’s being done. If you know what you’re doing as you’re doing it, it leaves little room for delusion to arise. Mindfulness is probably the single most discipline to develop as it anchors you in the moment as what is being done occurs. Delusions only occur when one lives in the story of a past or future. These mind made constructs keeps the delusion alive. The present moment can be seen without making it a story even though it passes as quickly as it arises, but the past and future can never truly be seen without a story. This is because most people lack the discipline to be present which is what causes one to live a delusional state of existence…

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  1. This completely makes sense and one of the reason for so much pain in our world…Thank you Michael for resonating this ‘now’ simple understanding.

    The first thought that arises about something is inconsequential, it’s the attachment to the second thought that forms the delusion.

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