This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Only “I” Reaches

Reaching for an object happens because “I” makes this so. Only turning away from the clinging to “I” will result in true freedom and this is because it’s the turning away that provides the letting go.

When one is caught reaching for an object of desire and it takes hold of all your attention, the only way to break free of this is to have awareness you’re caught. The object doesn’t matter in the sense that it can be anything from a thing, a place, people or even yourself, but what does matter is seeing what’s making you reach for it. There are so many different objects reached for that one will have to decipher for themselves what holds them. The reaching is different only because of what’s used, but the turning away is the same as long as there isn’t substitutions. Many people stop smoking only to use food and eventually go back to smoking. This is just one example, substitution is rampant in our society and it keeps one locked into reaching and remaining on the merry go round of desire.

Turning away from whatever it is that grips you is where you will experience true freedom. Why this is difficult for most people to truly see is because “I” isn’t seen as the core of the reaching; this is why substitution is so prevalent. If the reaching results in using drugs or alcohol, when a program is substituted to stop using them, unless one turns away from “I” the drugs and alcohol will most likely be used again. Why this is so is because the program is being reached for also and although one stops using drugs and alcohol, the program is only used as substituting one object for another and doesn’t provide true freedom. Only turning away form “I” will result in freedom and that’s because without “I” there’s no reaching. This is why the object doesn’t matter, because it’s only “I” that makes one reach and it’s only in turning away from “I” that one will be free.

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