This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

A Double Edge Sword 

Attachment is a double edge sword, not only does the original attachment get you, but when you’re attached to outcomes where they’re labeled as not liked, attachment to the attachment gets you.

The real issue with attachment is it’s not only the first thing attached to that causes problems, it’s the attachment to the attachment that makes it a real detriment in one’s life. It will take a concentrated effort to see this, but with practice it can happen. Let’s use traffic as an example. You’re driving in traffic and it’s annoying you because you have somewhere to be. That it’s annoying you is the first attachment, now you’re trying all kinds of maneuvers to get out of the traffic, but wherever you go there’s more traffic. That’s where attachment becomes reinforced and causes more problems than what it’s truly worth. It the same thing when you do something (you pick what it is) and then you go round and round with your thoughts on why you did it, or you should’ve did this or that. This goes for just about everything, it’s done all the time. Attachment to attachment is insidious and very harmful.

Do what you do and let it go. If the conditioning wasn’t in place to do what you do, you wouldn’t do it. Accepting yourself in your entirety is key if you are to be at peace. You will do what’s in place until what’s in place changes, but nothing has to be attached to and it won’t unless you put a label on it that it needs to be different, and once you do that a label will be applied to the label and a deeply engrained pattern will be formed that will keep you attaching to your attachments. This is the double edge sword of attachment, not only does the original attachment get you, but when what you’re attached to changes to where it’s labeled as not liked, the attachment to attachment gets you. A settled mind should pick this up, but it has taken me some time to accept my conditioning exactly as it is and not attach to it. This is where one will experience awareness aware of awareness and thus peace.

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