This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Love Never Expects 

The more your expectations are from a self serving base, the more you will be disappointed with the experiences of your life. Love never expects, so when you love, you’re never disappointed.

When something doesn’t happen the way you expect it to and disappointment follows, where does the disappointment come from? Why do we expect things to be certain way instead of being with what actually occurs? You can never truly be disappointed with what occurs if you understand life isn’t personal, it’s just what happens in each moment. You can make it personal, but the real question is why do you make life personal? Life happens regardless of any belief you have or how you think things should be. Sometimes it works out the way you want, but it is more luck than anything else. I mean this in the sense of expectations, not in the sense of being aligned with Universal Energy and having things work out for you. When this occurs it is really because you are cooperating and are in alignment with the Universe, so therefore things are really working out for the Universe, not for your individual expectations. This is the essence of love, not one iota of expectations for your own self serving desires.

For me expectations lead to disappointment because its usually based in some self serving desire, but when this is understood and my head and feet are in the same moment, aligned with Universal Energy, the love that’s in my heart overcomes the selfishness that’s in my head, and there’s less disappointment with things. Not because things work out the way they’re wanted, but because the expectations that they need to be a certain way aren’t there. Without expectation the heart stays connected with the love of the Universe. Life is so different in this realm as opposed to the realm of self serving expectations. Live anyway you choose, but if your life isn’t aligned with Universal Love and you aren’t living accordingly, you can expect to be disappointed more often than not, and that’s one expectation you can expect to occur, without exception.

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