This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The epitome of a noisy mind is it constantly tries to keep you from noticing there’s another way to see things, and as long as the noise is in place, a quiet mind and another way will never be experienced.

If you’ve never purposely experienced the mind quieting down to the level where it’s noticed, the noise will be what you think is normal. It’s so difficult to go beyond the noise only because the noise isn’t seen as a problem. This is what keeps one entrapped to the conditioning in place which in turn doesn’t allow for any kind of awakening process to take hold. The most prevalent things I used growing up based in a noisy mind were alcohol, drugs, and gambling. At twenty eight years old using these things stopped, but the noise continued in the form of other things that were considered more positive by society. To me, although these things were less destructive in nature, they held me in the same captivity as the drugs, alcohol, and gambling, and it was all because I didn’t realize it was the noisy mind that was the dilemma. What most people don’t realize because a quiet mind is never purposely experienced is the noise isn’t normal, it just seems to be because it’s always been in place.

I’ve been fortunate to experience being ruled by a noisy mind and having a quiet one and to purposely choose the noisy one would be insane because the only thing that comes out of it is suffering. The suffering is not all glaring and destructive, and this is why it’s not readily accepted by most people as being a problem. It’s not until one experiences and notices the mind quieting that the noise can be seen for what it truly is. This is the dilemma of a Conditioned Mind, it keeps the noise in place and makes it out to be normal so one never considers the need to look into this. The epitome of unconsciousness is to not even consider there might be another way to see things. I have a FB friend who says she knows she’s onto something when she reads my articles and her head hurts. It hurts because the noisy mind is trying to keep her from noticing there’s another way to see things, and as long as the noise is in place and held onto, a quiet mind and another way will never be what’s considered normal.

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