This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Human Clinging

Our human condition is what the Universe uses so our existence can manifest. It shouldn’t be denied or ignored (clung to) because if it is, there will be much suffering as our true essence is missed.

The base of a spiritual life is to embrace our humanness and see it for what it is, so one can learn how not to cling to the things that cause suffering. Why do we cling to things that may seem to be beneficial, but upon further review cause suffering? This all starts with one thought and ends up as whatever one clings to. Notice any thought that pops up, there’s not much of a problem with it initially, but if you don’t have awareness of this, clinging will arise along with the suffering it causes. This is what happens when there’s a thought and one clings to it, but understand the thought itself isn’t an issue.

Thoughts aren’t right or wrong, they’re just thoughts. When you cling to them, it reinforces the conditioning and blocks one from being in touch with their spiritual essence. Therein lies the issue because when one is driven by their human conditioning, you will only look for answers and satisfaction in human solutions, which don’t have a long term satisfaction rate. To cling is human and one will cling that’s a given, but if human solutions are what one clings to, there will be much suffering. What it really comes down to is although our essence is spiritual, our human condition is what’s used to experience existence. This shouldn’t be denied or ignored because if it is, there will be suffering because one is clinging to a false self instead of the true essence of what is.

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