This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

So What, Get Over It 

Circumstances of life are always changing, one day regardless of your current circumstances, they will also change so you might as well get over it because change is the nature of life.

Change is the nature of life, get over it. Right now I’m going through a major change with the left side of my upper mouth. Basically this means my entire upper mouth will need to be reconstructed, which will take over a year of procedures, so what, get over it. There’s also pain, okay so what, get over it. This isn’t life doing anything to me, it’s just something that happened and I better get over it because if I don’t, it will take me for a ride on the emotional roller coaster of life; even though it really isn’t life doing anything. You see, in this case there is a choice, but this isn’t because of luck, it’s because of the perseverance of an individual (me) to not allow the circumstances of what happens to be in control. Circumstances in life never stay the same, from being born which is a circumstance, to dying which is also a circumstance. The main thing to do when circumstances change whether they’re wanted or not is to get over it.

This isn’t the key to happiness here because if something is unpleasant like needing your mouth reconstructed, it will not make you happy, but it doesn’t have to control you and be allowed to take you from your place of peace. Many things happen in life, loved one’s die, people get sick, accidents happen, there are disappointments, heartache, there are also joys, and elations, but regardless of what occurs, get over it because not only will it not last, but it doesn’t have to be allowed to control you. There’s an underlying peace and balance in understanding “so what, get over it” and the key to this is understanding everything is impermanent and one day regardless what the circumstances are right now, they will change so you might as well get over it.

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