This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Movement of the Moment 

Life is constant movement, it never stops. If the movement of the moment is noticed, it will allow much more understanding of one’s life than if one is blindly controlled by past habitual mind patterns.

If the movement of the moment isn’t seen, that’s when the habitual conditioned patterns from the past take over; it’s just the process in place. You can be in a state where you are happy and out of nowhere arises something that triggers one of you past habitual patterns. Depending on what arises is based in, that will determine if you are still happy after it’s attached to. This is how it works, we’re pulled around by patterns and the movement of the moment is unnoticed so it’s controlling energy attaches to what pattern is associated with the movement. This is where everything arises from, feelings, emotions, sensations, and whatnot, hence the puppet on a string syndrome takes hold if the movement of the moment isn’t noticed. Think about this, you can’t have any feeling or emotional swing without attachment to the movement of the moment, most people don’t really have any inkling of this and because of that, very few truly live life. I don’t say this in jest, I’m no different, although I probably notice this a little more nowadays.

Here’s something to do to possibly understand the movement of the moment a little better. Make a commitment to sit for a certain time, say thirty seconds, keep it real. In those thirty second just watch what arises, watch the movement, a thought arising and just notice the movement. Just sitting, looking, acknowledging, noticing, letting it arise and pass; all of this is just the movement of each particular moment. This should help in getting a better grasp on the moments movement. Increasing or decreasing the committed sitting time is up to the individual or don’t sit at all and remain a slave to the movement of the moment as it arises and habitually controls your life. It’s the movement of each moment that makes life what it is and if this goes unnoticed so will most of your life.

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