This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The road that leads to a peaceful life begins and ends in your own business. You can be mindful that you’re thinking about what someone else is doing, but the only place you’ll ever be free is in your own business.

When a practice of mindfulness is in place, it’s to allow the present moment to be experienced, this is the place of your own business. Being mindful of what’s actually happening as opposed to being pulled around by it, determines the amount of peace there is in one’s life by allowing you to mind your own business. Life is magical in its essence, but there’s nothing magical in one minding their own business. All roads that lead to a peaceful life begin and end in the present moment and a mindfulness practice will assist in keeping one in their own business.

Watch a thought and be mindful of it, now watch another, this is also a tool as is the breath to be used to keep you in your own business. One can not be mindful of being in someone’s else’s business in the past or future. You can be mindful that you’re thinking about someone’s business in the past or future, but you can never actually be there. Every watched thought or breath can only be taken as it is happening. The more one becomes mindful of this, the more focused one becomes in the body and being in the present moment (your own business) as opposed to grasping for the story of someone else’s business. Be mindful of this article only pertaining to you and then be mindful of what arises. Just be with it by being mindful of what’s happening. It’s in the space of mindfulness that you will find the peace of your own business and this is because the only thing that’s there is how anyone else is conditioned is none of your business.

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