This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.


Not justifying everything that’s done creates the slightest of cracks in the unconscious armor that’s in place, this allows a sliver of consciousness in to change the way things are looked at.

When it’s said one is conscious, what’s meant by this? It can be described as being aware of all the different mental factors that arise in each moment. It’s the knowing why one sees things as they do. It doesn’t prevent what arises or what happens, but it can lessen one’s reactions and some of the consequences associated with these, if there’s awareness and there’s no attachment. Nothing inherently on its own causes problems for anyone. Alcohol has never poured itself down someone’s throat, it has to be reached for. Heroin never caused anyone to abuse it by putting it in a needle, it’s the individual alone who reaches for it; this goes for anything. Granted most of this self harming reaching is done unconsciously, but I do what I do today to try and shed light on this. I know a thing or two about this unconscious reaching because I did it for forty nine years.

So many things unconsciously controlled me and as long as I was unaware of this, they continued their onslaught of control. How this unconsciously gets deeply engrained is by justifying everything that’s done. From pointing out the faults of others, to being nasty to people, slander, and so many other justified behaviors, all they do is keep the unconscious mindset in place. Conscious that this is being done is the first step in breaking the chains of unconsciousness. Stop looking out there for answers, stop blaming and talking about others, in other words stop justifying everything you do as being right and this just may create the slightest of cracks in the unconscious armor that’s in place, which may allow a sliver of consciousness in to change the way you look at things. After all, if the way one unconsciously looks at things doesn’t change, the onslaught of being unconsciously controlled will remain.

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