This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.


The desire of “I” is what traps one into the bondage of a “want of I” mindset and as long as this mindset is in place, there will be struggles in life because these selfish desires will always need to be fulfilled.

Desire arises, there’s no getting around this, but it’s not desire in and of itself that causes problems, its being controlled by it unconsciously that makes desire a problem. To follow through on all our desires isn’t always useful, but this isn’t to say there’s anything wrong with desires, it’s really deciphering which ones are useful and which ones actually cause harm; to yourself and others. The desire for sex is something that’s basically in our DNA, but to be controlled by the need to satisfy the desire for sex so it becomes the focal point of ones existence, is where issues arise from. Just take sex and substitute it with something else, working out, being successful, thrill seeking, golf, social status, ambition, hoarding, enlightenment, spiritual seeking and so on and see how the desire holds you in captivity. As long as one’s desires are unconsciously in control, they have to be followed, this bondage to desire is the foundation of the Conditioned Mind.

Looking back I can see how the attachment to desire is what allowed them to control me and why they were at the core of every issue I had in my life. Where the issues come from is the how desire is used to satisfy the “want of I”. I still have desires in place today, but for the most part they’re there to fulfill a higher calling than I. The “want of I” is the root of suffering and this is because one is entrapped to the bondage of self; existence doesn’t produce much harmony in a “want of I” mindset. By far does knowing any of this make life I free, but it does lead one in a direction that is much more conducive to love which in turns makes desire more about what’s better for humanity as a whole instead of fulfilling the desire of a “want of I” mindset.

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  1. sheila said:

    excellent ..would just say that the Buddha called the desire for enlightenment “chanda” and it’s considered a healthy desire …without it it one remains stuck …no seeking when one is under the influence of the conditioned mind as most of us are..
    doesn’t seem to me to work …I know a lot of non duality teachings say there is nothing to do but I can’t really see this working ..I have to start from where I am …meditation definitely works for me ….when I don’t do it ..wisdom definitely wanes, I am more controlled by believing my thoughts …also the work of Byron Katie works for me ..Both the meditation and the work would be termed as seeking by some ….I am seeking to change something …by no way shape or form am I enlightened now and I have met those who I and many consider are and they do advocate diligent practise ..Which you also do in other posts..I am always a bit confused when I read about “no seeking” …and I guess it doesn’t matter….one just has to follow what one sees as beneficial for oneself ..
    I would also question the desire for sex being in our DNA…..all about I am this body (I think ..although it is the mind that desires) …..I am deeply moved by those who have gone beyond this desire …..

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    • Didn’t the Buddha seek the cause of suffering for six years? One may get to the space where seeking isn’t necessary, but until that time one will seek because it’s what’s in place 😊


  2. sheila said:

    so why do so many teachers disparage seeking as though it is worthless or at least inferior …and I know it’s not my business, and there is a seeing of the conditioning arising ..which is my business …..and we are not in control of the teachers or way or non way that we are drawn to …and Michael I highly appreciate your writing and wisdom …feels like truth and as the book seems difficult to find in uk bookshops , will order it ….

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    • Teachers forget what’s it was like in the beginning, I do not. Waking up is a process. My book is on line only, Amazon, Barnes N Noble, and some others 😊


  3. sheila said:

    my understanding is that the Buddha was seeking the way out of suffering since he made a vow with the last Buddha to become a Buddha …eons and eons ago …he was at that time already very pure but not finished and wanted to find the way for himself so he could teach and help so many others with the ultimate understanding ,compassion and wisdom of a Buddha…..just this fills me with a sense of awe and gratitude and seeing the beauty of the conduct of so many even today who have faith in his teachings is beyond words ..for me ….that’s it …off to the Buddhist Monastery tomorrow …and THANKS .


  4. sheila said:

    Thanks Michael ..that makes sense 😊😊😊

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