This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The Discontent of “I”

It’s very difficult to see the cause of one’s discontents because the Conditioned Mind isn’t understood enough to allow for this insight to be seen, thus one remains entrapped to “l” wanting things different.

Anytime the present moment is wanted different, instantly this causes the one wanting it different to become discontented. Why this discontent happens isn’t because of what’s occurring, it happens because of the delusion that there’s the existence of an “I”, but it’s only the idea of “I” that could ever want anything different and thus be discontented. This is so subtle that it’s missed by most people, even those who claim to be deeply spiritual. Why this is missed is because the Conditioned Mind isn’t understood at the level that allows for this insight to be seen. Many have a practice that’s mind based and so much of what’s in place is from the intellect. True peace can never be fully experienced from the intellect alone, it can assist in getting the mind to settle enough to allow insights to arise without having to make something up, but the mind will have to be minus any story of a so call journey to allow this.

I know the style of my writing annoys some, and it’s because I write matter of factually, but I only write what is seen. I don’t try to make anyone see things as I do, but I know what kept me discontented for most of my life and why it’s not this way today. Wanting the slightest thing that arises in the moment different causes one’s discontent, from a simple hang nail, to wanting me to write differently, to losing a loved one or even wanting a loved one, and although some things will be attached to more than others, the base of the delusional “I” is the common denominator of all discontent. It has nothing to do with what one thinks is causing the discontent, only attachment causes it and “I” is at the core. Very difficult to see because this “I” will tell you you’re not discontented, that the writer of this article doesn’t know you, but if what I wrote wasn’t true, it would just roll off and your “I” wouldn’t give it a second thought. For me I’ve learn the delusional “I” is disguised as my discontents and the only way I’ll ever be free is to let go of “I”.

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  1. Just let it roll off the “I.” Good one.

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