This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Immersed in Belief 

When there’s a belief you need something that will provide peace, one is immersed in this thought, and until this is understood, one will remain immersed in the belief (thought) that peace can be reached for.

There will never be peace in life if one is immersed in the belief of finding peace. Peace is something that’s already within everyone, but because of the way our minds are conditioning, we get immersed in the belief that peace is something to find. Unfortunately beliefs are what makes the very thing one is seeking (peace) elusive. Our beliefs are the reason one is constantly reaching for something from the outside and until these beliefs are no more, one will remain immersed to the thoughts that peace is in the next thing reached for. Reaching for drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, success, programs, therapy, self help books and so on is the proof that one is immersed. I can’t stress this enough as these immersed beliefs to your thoughts has to be seen if one is to ever experience true peace.

The thought of being at peace isn’t peace. What has to happen if one is to ever be at peace, there has to be an understanding of what’s blocking your peace. The reason why one is not at peace is the inability to just be. When the need to reach for something arises, the immersed belief begins. This is a conditioned cycle that’s very difficult to break free of. Peace isn’t something that can be grabbed a hold of so it’s in doing less that peace arises. Many get lost (immersed) in trying to find peace, but since it’s something that’s already within, the belief associated with finding it needs to be discarded so you can see it’s there. This isn’t easy to see, I will assist in any way that I can, but understand this isn’t offered to help you find peace, it’s offered so you may possibly uncover the reason why you’re immersed in your belief you are not at peace.

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  1. Linda Keyes said:

    I so look forward to your posts daily. Your words very much speak to me. Thank you.

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