This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Reaching to be Fulfilled

Until why there’s a need to reach for something to be fulfilled is understood, one will remain a prisoner to the reaching and will always be looking for the next whatever for fulfillment.

What I see that’s missed the most in my writings is the understanding of how all reaching is the same regardless of what is being reached for. The reaching itself is all the same bondage and make no mistake your bondage is your prison. There are so many things reached for, from ayahuasca, to Heroin, a Hersey chocolate kiss, love, God, and it’s this reaching that needs to be looked at. Nobody just reaches for something, something arises from within that tells you there’s a lack that needs to be filled so let’s go and reach for something. This is where the misunderstanding occurs. Because one thinks reaching for ayahuasca is different than reaching for Heroin, and granted the results are different, the true nature of the reaching isn’t identified, so you remain the same even though the things being used are different. It easier to justify when you are reaching to help others than reaching for Heroin, but it’s still reaching so an inner lack is still in need of being fulfilled. Out of everything I write, identifying why there’s a need to reach is at its core. It’s what was revealed to me as being the core of all my problems, with being self centered as the reachings supportive energy.

I know this is difficult to grasp and many will say this guys crazy, how can reaching for God be the same as reaching for a drink of alcohol, or how can reaching for ayahuasca be the same as reaching for Heroin, but it is and it all arises from the inability to truly be present for what’s happening right now. If there’s lack, this will be reinforced by one’s need to reach and if this isn’t grasped, you’ll remain in your prison. Byron Katie just released a new book, watch all the reaching that will be going on. She wrote a book on how to be free, but she will be doing the opposite of what the book says by having many reach for her book, this only reinforces one’s bondage. Understanding this is difficult, but it’s why I don’t push to develop a program, or I won’t become a life coach, to me it’s all nonsense. I will help anyone look within to find their own inner beauty and the only thing needed to do this is to learn to live with what’s occurring now. This is all anything should point to, but because why there’s a need to reach isn’t understood, one remains a prisoner to it and keeps reaching for the next whatever.

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